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Quickstep Environmental was established in 2011 to help companies implement an environmental management system (EMS) before progressing to having the system independently inspected by an independent Body against BS 8555 or ISO 14001.

Since being established, Quickstep Environmental has helped many businesses put in an EMS.

Quickstep can help an organization achieve an EMS both quickly and in steps. Quickstep Environmental puts in the EMS for you which an independent Body then inspects against ISO 14001 or BS 8555.

There is an increasing demand for organizations to have an accredited EMS on tenders and by customers such as large construction firms as part of their methodology for managing their supply chainís environmental practices.

Work is undertaken across England and Wales with assistance from additional professional consultants as necessary. Clients vary from sole traders through to medium sized construction companies with large supply chains.

Typical clients include designers, training providers, not-for-profit organisations and community interest companies, all sorts of construction related trades, manufacturers etc